Cincinnati Chili Passport
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Welcome to Chilitown, USA.

In Cincinnati, we take our chili seriously, even though some people don’t consider it chili at all. What started as a hot dog topping evolved into a regional culinary specialty with a devoted cult following, in Cincinnati and beyond.

Maybe you’ve never had Cincinnati chili. Maybe you’ve been going to the same chili parlor since you were knee-high. What we hope this passport inspires is a spirited exploration of the Queen City and its varied—and invariably delicious—chili scene. Could this be the key to finally uniting the East and West Sides? Almost definitely.

But wait, what exactly is the Cincinnati Chili Passport? We like to think of it as a blueprint—a living, breathing document. Both a guidebook and a diary of your chili adventures, equally functional for anthropological documentation and recreational taste-testing.

Go at it alone, with your chili partner in crime, or maybe even start a Thursday night chili club with a group of friends. Whichever way you go about it, don't forget to tag your chili journey with #chilipassport so we can follow along!