Quite a few years ago, Lindsey had an idea: create a "passport" to capture and experience the amazing chili culture of Cincinnati. But as things go, this great idea got stuck on the backburner for a long, long time. Life and work and a wedding and other commitments kept taking priority. Finally, in 2017, with the help of Sean and Brittney, the Cincinnati Chili Passport came back to life! 

The chili team spent months doing intensive chili research: visiting chili parlors, eating chili, and taking lots of notes and photos. Unfortunately, over the course of the project, some of the beloved Cincinnati parlors closed their doors, but in the end, we compiled a list of 11 must-taste chili spots. The Cincinnati Chili Passport is not only your guide, but a place to document your own findings. So get out there and explore the chilis of our great city!